NWA owner Billy Corgan recnetly held a conference call in which he stated the National Wrestling Alliance is open to doing business with anyone but, not Impact Wrestling due to his history with the promotion. Here is what he said:

“We consider ourselves a free agent in the market. We’re available to work with anyone from All Elite Wrestling to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to Ring of Honor. The only prohibition is Impact. We won’t do business with them. Of course, we’ll do business with WWE. We feel like an early UFC or Bellator. We feel like we’re in the market and can do whatever we want to do. We have the champions right here.Think back of when ECW guys would appear on Raw. I think people really want innovation in the space,” said Corgan. “I think our relationships with Ring of Honor, which extend to New Japan — we have a great relationship with AAA. I think we could work with anybody at any time.”


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